About customs duties

Under the Japanese tax law for personal imports, only the "product" is subject to tax. In other words, "shipping charges" are not subject to tax.

Product price: $130 + shipping fee: $20

In this case, only the $130 product price is eligible.

Regarding taxation, if the product price is 16,666 yen or less, it is tax-free, and if it is 16,667 yen or more, it is taxable.

Tax is calculated as about 9% of the product price + 1,000 yen handling fee. Therefore, if the product price is 20,000 yen, about 2,800 yen will be collected. At this point, the shipping fee will be about the same as our shipping fee.

Therefore, it is most economical to " purchase within the tariff range in a single delivery " rather than purchasing in bulk.

As I mentioned earlier, in the case of personal imports, if the purchase amount is 16,666 yen or more, customs duties will be charged. Since the customs duties are determined at the time of customs clearance, we cannot tell you the amount in advance.

Please note that if customs duties, consumption tax, etc. are charged, the importer (purchaser) will be responsible for paying them personally.

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