Top 9 cigarettes ranked by tar content! We also introduce cigarettes with 0mg tar!

Cigarette tar content ranking

"I like heavy cigarettes, so I want to know what brands are available!"

"I'm getting used to cigarettes, and I want to try something with more tar!"

What does heavy cigarette mean anyway?

In this article, we will answer such questions by explaining what heavy cigarettes are and introducing a ranking of cigarettes with high tar content.

We will also explain cigarettes with 0mg tar content for those who are concerned about their health .

1. What is heavy cigarette? What is tar?
Cigarette tar content ranking

Heavy cigarettes are cigarettes that contain a lot of tar. Tar is not a single substance, but a particulate component of cigarette smoke excluding carbon monoxide and gaseous components, and refers to the " tar" that stains the filter and lungs brown when smoking . This tar contains many carcinogenic substances.

The tar content of a typical cigarette is 8-14mg. In other words, a heavy cigarette is one with a tar content of 14mg or more. Because it feels heavy when you smoke it, it is more popular among people who are used to smoking than among beginners.

The advantage of smoking cigarettes with a high tar content is that they give off a stronger kick. You are more likely to feel the stimulation in your throat, which is the best part of smoking. Also, smoking cigarettes with a high tar content gives the impression that it is cool, so there are many smokers who prefer heavy cigarettes.

2. Does the tar contained in heavy cigarettes have a negative effect on the body? Cigarette tar content ranking

In conclusion, tar is harmful to the body.

As you know, smoking makes you more likely to develop lung cancer, but its effects are not limited to the lungs . It circulates throughout the body and can cause all kinds of cancer. In addition to lung cancer, the causal relationship with the respiratory system (nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, oral cavity, etc.), digestive system (esophagus, stomach, liver, etc.), urinary system, uterus (cervix), leukemia, etc. has been revealed.

There is also a higher chance of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an inflammatory lung disease caused by long-term exposure to harmful substances, mainly tobacco smoke, and is a lifestyle-related disease that develops in middle-aged and elderly people due to the effects of tar.

Symptoms include shortness of breath when walking, going up and down stairs, or moving around, as well as chronic coughing and phlegm. It is said that 15-20% of smokers develop this condition.

In addition, passive smoking can put others at risk of health damage. It is important to understand that harmful substances such as tar have a negative impact on not only yourself but also others.

3. Top 9 cigarettes with the highest tar content Cigarette tar content ranking

Here is a ranking of cigarettes with the highest tar content.

First, we will explain heavy cigarettes that contain tar amounts of 20mg or more.

1. Garam Surya canned tar content: 42mg Cigarette tar content ranking

Garam Surya cans are produced in Indonesia and are said to be the heaviest cigarettes in the world.

This is a unique tobacco flavored with cloves, which are also used as spices and herbal medicines. Cloves have a sweet, rich aroma and a distinctive numbing flavor. In addition to the cloves, you can also taste the rich flavor of tobacco itself.

When you light it with a sweet draw, it crackles and sends out sparks.

Tar content 42mg Nicotine 1.9ml 36 pieces Price 1,400 yen

②Djarum Super 16 Tar content: 40mg Cigarette tar content ranking

This is also an Indonesian tobacco. Like Garam Surya, it contains cloves.

Cinnamon, jackfruit, banana, and other flavors are used, but the most distinctive flavor of this tobacco is banana . With just one puff, you can feel the banana in your mouth.

This tobacco is best enjoyed by exhaling through the nose. The sweetness and richness of the smoke that hits the back of your nose. It has a strong flavor, so it's a tobacco you'll want to smoke after a greasy meal.

Tar content 40mg, nicotine 1.8mg, 16 pieces, price 510 yen

3. Garam Surya Mild - Tar content 33mg Cigarette tar content ranking

This tobacco is a slightly milder version of the number one Garam Surya.

It's a strong tobacco flavor combined with sweetness that can be a bit addictive, but once you get into it, you'll be hooked .

The filter is covered with honey, so it tastes sweet the moment you put it in your mouth, and when you light it up and take a puff, it has a spicy, medicinal taste with a tropical sweet aftertaste that is indescribable . The scent is reminiscent of Southeast Asian incense.

Tar content 33mg, nicotine 1.7mg, 16 pieces, price 530 yen

④Piece 20 pieces, tar content 21mg Cigarette tar content ranking

This Peace cigarette is classified as a heavy cigarette with a tar count of 21mg, but it is so easy to smoke that you won't even notice, and one cigarette is very satisfying.

The vanilla-type flavoring spreads a rich sweetness in your mouth. The milk tea-like aroma and the fruity taste of green apple candy are also attractive . Although lung smoking is also recommended, this piece is recommended for enjoying the taste of the tobacco itself by smoking it orally.

Tar content: 21mg, nicotine: 1.9g, 20 cigarettes, price: 600 yen

Next, we will introduce products with tar content ranging from 14mg to 19mg.

⑤ Wakaba Cigar Tar content 19mg Cigarette tar content ranking

The first thing that catches your eye about Wakaba Cigars is its packaging. It is brown in color, just like cigars, and has a very stylish retro feel.

Compared to regular Wakaba, it has a slightly stronger flavor. It has a strong grassy and smoky taste, but is refreshing and light, and if you inhale it well, a sweet aroma will spread in your mouth. The burn time is also longer than regular Wakaba, so you can fully enjoy the goodness of Japanese tobacco .

Tar content 19mg, nicotine unknown, 20 cigarettes, price 600 yen

⑥ Arc Royal Tar content 18mg
Cigarette tar content ranking

Arc Royal is a tobacco with a vanilla flavor and a sweet taste like sugar candy.

Even before lighting it, you can feel the rich sweetness and aroma from the cigarette itself. Light it and take a slow puff. It's a heavy cigarette, so cool smoking is essential. There is no aftertaste, only sweetness.

When you exhale through your nose, the scent of vanilla spreads .

Tar content 18mg, Nicotine 1.2mg, 20 pieces, price 540 yen

⑦Highlight Tar content 17mg Cigarette tar content ranking

It features a soft, mellow rum flavor . It has the sweetness and aroma that can only be found in Highlight, and a rich, coffee-like bitterness in the background, making it a very delicious tobacco.

Many people smoke it with coffee or alcohol, and smoking it after a meal will give you a feeling of euphoria.

One of its features is how easy it is to smoke, despite containing only 17mg of tar.

Tar content 17mg, nicotine 1.4mg, 20 pieces, price 540 yen

8. Hope - Tar content: 14mg
Cigarette tar content ranking

The filter used conveys the original flavor and aroma of tobacco directly, resulting in a unique taste .

The cigarette itself has a honey-like smell, and when you smoke it, you can feel a rich flavor with a moderate aroma. The rich sweetness and deep aroma of honey follow later.

Because the filter is short, if you smoke it hard you can taste the sourness and bitterness .

Tar content: 14mg, nicotine: 1.1mg, 10 cigarettes, price: 300 yen

9. Seven Stars - 14mg tar

Cigarette tar content ranking

The last cigarette we will introduce is Seven Stars, also known as the "setter." It is a very popular cigarette, and many people say that once they try it, they can only smoke Seven Stars.

It is characterized by its smooth smoking feel and the abundant amount of smoke it produces. It has a perfect balance of sweetness, bitterness, richness, and aroma, making it the perfect tobacco for regular smoking .

Tar content 14mg, nicotine 1.2mg, 20 pieces, price 600 yen

4. 5 types of cigarettes with 0mg tar Cigarette tar content ranking

So far we have introduced cigarettes that contain a lot of tar, and tar is indeed bad for your health.

There are many people who want to enjoy smoking for a long time while also being mindful of their health .

For those people, we will introduce cigarettes with 0mg of tar .

Cigarette tar content ranking

Lost Mary is a rechargeable, disposable nicotine vape that is extremely popular in the United States .

It contains nicotine but 0mg of tar .

The advantage of using Lost Mary is its cost-effectiveness . You can purchase one for 5,000 yen, and it can be used for about 5,000 puffs. In terms of cigarettes, this is equivalent to 14 to 15 packs. A pack of paper cigarettes currently costs about 550 yen, so compared to that, it is about 2,500 to 3,000 yen cheaper .

There is a wide variety of flavors available, so you're sure to find one that suits you.

Tar content 0mg, nicotine concentration 5.0%, price 5000 yen

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②ElFBAR (Elfbar)
Cigarette tar content ranking

ELFBAR (EBCREATE) is the top-selling nicotine vape brand in the United States in 2022 .

ELFBAR has been gaining attention for its ease of use and wide variety of flavors. It is compact and easy to carry, and like Lost Mary, it can be used immediately after opening with a 5,000 puff life.

Of course, you can also enjoy the tobacco flavor, and the "cubacigar" flavor reproduces the deep flavor of real Cuban cigars, and features a rich aroma of aged tobacco. It's satisfying to smoke, so just one puff will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

Tar content 0mg, nicotine concentration 5.0%, price 5000 yen

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③Dr.Vape model 3
Cigarette tar content ranking

In addition to tar, Dr.Vape also contains 0mg of nicotine.

The biggest feature of DR.Vape Model 3 is the new flavor that contains "β-caryophyllene." β-caryophyllene is an innovative ingredient that is expected to have a healing effect on the mind and body when inhaled .

It can also be used to relax before bed.

Tar content 0mg, nicotine content 0%, price 10,220 yen

④BUGATTI elite
Cigarette tar content ranking

This is a vape brand created through a collaboration between Poland-based AROMAKING and BUGATTI. Unlike other vape products, the main features are that you can see the remaining battery and liquid, and that it can be used up to 9,000 times.

The design is also unique, and it is recommended for those who want to try a different vape.

Tar content 0mg, nicotine concentration 5%, price 7,000 yen

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⑤ICEBERG Dispo Cigarette tar content ranking

Like Dr.Vape, ICEBERG Dispo is an electronic cigarette that does not contain nicotine or tar.

ICEBERG Dispo's flavors "Super Menthol," "Ice Lemon," and "Cool Peach" all contain strong menthol. The refreshing sensation fills your mouth, making it an irresistible smoker with a satisfying and stimulating taste.

This is a recommended cigarette for refreshing yourself after work or study.

Tar content 0mg, nicotine content 0%, price 2,750 yen

5. Cigarette tar content ranking summary Cigarette tar content ranking

In this article, we have introduced cigarettes with high tar content.

Heavy cigarettes are very satisfying to smoke and often have a unique taste, so once you get hooked it's hard to quit . If you want to experience the depth of tobacco, try heavy cigarettes.

However, for those who are concerned about their health, we also recommend cigarettes with 0m tar content. Among them, Lost Mary and Elf Bar are cigarettes with a wide variety of flavors and are quite good value for money.

Choose the cigarette that's right for you and enjoy the best smoking experience!

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