Introducing the recommended types of e-cigarettes sold at convenience stores!

In this article, we will introduce recommended e-cigarettes sold at convenience stores.

Electronic cigarettes have been a hot topic recently. What are electronic cigarettes? How are they different from heated cigarettes?

Are electronic cigarettes sold at convenience stores? Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

To put it simply, some convenience stores sell e-cigarettes and some don't .

Convenience stores purchase items differently, so they may not be sold at all stores.

E-cigarettes are more popular in stores in cities such as Tokyo than in rural areas, so there are more stores selling them. As a result , cities with higher demand have a better selection than rural areas.

What is an electronic cigarette (vape) ? Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

Instead of inhaling smoke from a lit cigarette, electronic cigarettes (vapes) use electricity to heat a liquid and produce a vapor that you inhale.

This liquid (commonly known as "liquid") contains food additives such as glycerin and propylene glycol, as well as flavorings. The liquid is heated by a heating device built into the vape, generating flavorful vapor. By inhaling this vapor, users can experience a sensation similar to that of tobacco smoke. Because the liquid is heated using electricity, no tar or carbon monoxide is produced, which is normally associated with the combustion of tobacco.

In Japan, electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine in the liquid are not sold due to regulations, so if you want to buy a vape with nicotine, you will need to import it yourself.

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The difference between electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products such as IQOS and Plume Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

The biggest difference between e-cigarettes and heated tobacco is what gets heated.

As previously explained , e-cigarettes produce smoke by heating the liquid .
Heat-not-burn tobacco, on the other hand, produces smoke by heating tobacco leaves .

As explained above about the ingredients in the liquid, the liquid does not contain any harmful ingredients, so it is believed that the smoke from e-cigarettes does not contain many harmful substances . In contrast, heated tobacco products contain approximately 4,000 types of chemicals because they burn tobacco leaves . These include harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and tar.

Ranking of recommended e-cigarettes sold at convenience stores Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

Demand for electronic cigarettes is still low, so they are not sold in many convenience stores, but we will introduce the electronic cigarettes that are already being sold in convenience stores .

Why not get ahead of the trend and purchase an e-cigarette?

#1 recommended e-cigarette sold at convenience stores: Vuse Go 700 Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

Vuse Go 700 is a nicotine-free vape that is very popular in the United States. Vuse Go 700, which has a top share of the non-nicotine vape market in the United States, landed in Japan in December 2023 .

It features a wide range of flavors and quality pursued by world-class science .

It is available at approximately 2,300 FamilyMart stores in Tokyo .

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Recommended cheap heated tobacco sticks #2: DR.VAPE Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

DR.VAPE is probably the most famous nicotine-free vape in Japan . Currently (April 2024), it is sold in approximately 10,000 FamilyMart stores.

Dr. Vape is known for the high quality of its devices. The mouthpiece is designed to be off the ground even when the device is placed on the floor, making it hygienic, and the device is made of seamless, soft, curved aluminum, making it easy to hold.

The Dr. Vape 2 device normally sells for 5,500 yen (tax included), but at FamilyMart you can purchase it for 3,980 yen (tax included).

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3rd place in recommended e-cigarettes sold at convenience stores: FLEVO Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

It is loved by vape beginners because it is very easy to understand and try.

The features of FLEVO are its ease of use and cost-effectiveness . There are no buttons on the device, and simply inhaling activates the coil and produces smoke.

In addition, it is maintenance-free and you can enjoy a variety of flavors just by changing the cartridge . The liquid is also developed and manufactured in Japan, so it is sufficiently safe.

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Recommended e-cigarette: LOSTMARY, a popular product overseas Electronic cigarettes convenience stores

"LOSTMARY" is a vape brand that is popular all over the world, especially among young people, and is sold in over 100 countries, with cumulative annual sales exceeding 300 million units .

If you're interested in the popular vapes overseas that feature a variety of flavors and stylish designs, be sure to check it out.

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