What is ELFBAR? Where can I buy it? A detailed explanation of the price and how to buy it at a good price

What is ELFBAR?

ELFBAR is a nicotine vape that is currently extremely popular among young people in the United States.

This time, we will thoroughly explain ELFBAR, what nicotine vape is , the features of ELFBAR , and the price !

1.What is ELFBAR? What is ELFBAR?

For those of you who are hearing about ELFBAR for the first time , we will explain what ELFBAR is.

I will explain ELFBAR in two parts, so please refer to it.

  1. About nicotine vapes such as ERFBAR
  2. Types of Nicotine Vapes

We will explain each one in detail below.

1-1. About nicotine vapes such as ERFBAR ELFBAR Nicotine Vape

Nicotine vape is a type of electronic cigarette that uses electricity to heat liquid containing nicotine and inhale the resulting water vapor . It is like a portable shisha, and unlike heat-not-burn cigarettes such as iQOS and glo , it is important to note that it does not heat the tobacco leaves themselves to produce vapor .

As mentioned above, nicotine vapes usually heat liquid to produce water vapor. Nicotine vape liquid does not contain some of the harmful substances that are produced when tobacco is burned, such as tar , so it is thought to have relatively little impact on health . ( Nicotine itself is addictive, so be careful not to smoke too much.)

Nicotine liquid is especially popular among smokers who want to cut down on smoking , and is often used as an alternative to cigarettes. It is also used casually by young people in the United States, and is popular as a part of fashion culture due to its pop colors and wide variety of varieties.

1-2. Types of nicotine vapes

There are two types of nicotine vapes:

  1. Liquid refill type
  2. Disposable type

Please see below for an explanation of the characteristics of each.

Liquid refill type

The liquid refill type uses liquid for nicotine vapes, commonly known as "nicoliqui", which contains nicotine.

You can adjust the nicotine concentration and flavor yourself, allowing you to customize it to your personal tastes and needs , providing an experience that is close to the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

Disposable type

A disposable type is a vape that has nicotine liquid built in .

ELFBAR is a typical example of this product , and is a very convenient product because you can smoke it immediately after purchasing it .

Recently, they have been equipped with rechargeable functions , making them economical designs that allow you to use up all the liquid.

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2. What is ELFBAR? The most popular nicotine vape in the United States What is ELFBAR?

I would like to explain in detail what ELFBAR is!

ELFBAR Elf Bar is one of the most popular nicotine vape brands in the United States. It offers over 50 different flavors and mainly sells disposable nicotine vapes that can hold up to 18,000 puffs (puffs = the number of times you can inhale).

The most popular of these is the 5,000 puff type called EB Design BC5000 . It is the most affordable yet provides a satisfying draw , and is especially popular overseas.

What is ELFBAR? Design

ELFBAR has a very pop design and looks spectacular.

It's palm-sized and easy to carry around , and the quality is undeniable!

3. Features of ELFBAR

ELFBAR Features
ELFBAR has five main features:

  1. Eye-catching design
  2. Wide range of flavour options
  3. ease of use
  4. Tar Free
  5. Good value for money

We hope you will experience the many charms of ELFBAR!

① Eye-catching design ELFBAR Features and Design

ELFBAR is designed with a two-color gradient , and its vivid and stylish style means that at first glance you might not realize it is an e-cigarette.

A unique feature of these snacks is that their colors change depending on the flavor ; for example, the apple mix flavor mixes a bright and cheerful red base with orange, while the blueberry and mint mix flavor uses purple and green; each flavor has a colorful design that matches its taste .

This is one of the reasons why ELFBAR is popular with so many people.

②A wide variety of flavors to choose from

ELFBAR offers over 50 different flavors , including grape and pineapple, and even the same base flavor can be blended to create a variety of different combinations.

Each flavor is easy to smoke, long-lasting, and has a unique taste characteristic , so you can enjoy a different flavor every day.

ELFBAR review ! Detailed explanation of the taste ▶︎

3) Ease of use


ELFBAR is small and portable and can be charged using a Type-C charger . It can be used for a long time on a single charge , making it easy to use when you're out and about.

Another attractive feature is that it can be used comfortably anywhere without having to worry about ash or odor.


ELFBAR does not contain the tar found in regular cigarettes.

Tar is known to have adverse effects on health and beauty, and can also cause walls to turn yellow when used indoors.

Even taking these points into consideration, ELFBAR is a product that can be used safely indoors .

⑤Good value for money ELFBAR Cost Performance

For example, the ELFBAR BC5000 can be purchased for around 5,000 yen and provides around 5,000 inhalations per unit .

It is equivalent to 20 packs of cigarettes, making it more economical than regular cigarettes.

This cost performance is also one of the great attractions of ELFBAR.

4.Where can I buy ELFBAR? How much does it cost? ELFBAR MyMoods

There are many different types of ELFBAR, and in Japan they can all be purchased for around 5,000 yen.

ELFBAR is not sold on major online shopping sites such as Amazon and Rakuten , so it is recommended to purchase directly from the websites of vape retailers such as MyMoods . This method allows you to purchase as a personal import .

Also, ELFBAR doesn't usually have sales, but if you follow the MyMoods official LINE account , you will receive a special 500 yen discount coupon . Don't miss the chance to use this great coupon to purchase ELFBAR products!

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