Ranking of 14 delicious and sweet cigarettes! Also introducing products that can be purchased at convenience stores and electronic cigarettes

Delicious sweet tobacco ranking

Have you ever been attracted by the sweet aroma you came across in a smoking area and wanted to try smoking a fragrant cigarette?

Sweet tobacco comes in varieties with vanilla and fruit flavors .

In this article, we will introduce you to sweet-smelling cigarettes that you can easily buy at convenience stores, as well as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products .

Top 4 Sweet Cigarettes (Classic Cigarettes You Can Buy at Convenience Stores) Delicious sweet tobacco ranking

First, I'd like to introduce some of the classic sweet cigarettes sold at convenience stores.

①Winston Caster

The first is Winston's Castor White .

This cigarette does not contain capsules and is not menthol, but it has the softest, sweetest flavor of any regular cigarette .

The vanilla flavor is irresistible, and it's a bit similar to the next piece I'll introduce.

②Peace Light

The second product I would like to introduce is Peace Light .

Peace may look luxurious and heavy, but it actually has a very sweet, vanilla flavor that makes it popular with young people as well.

③Pianissimo Aria Menthol

The third is Pianissimo, a clear menthol cigarette that offers a natural refreshing feeling . It looks refreshing and stylish .

Please enjoy the soft, sweet scent.

④Winston Sparkling Menthol

The fourth one is Winston Sparkling Menthol .

This tobacco has a melon flavour and is a capsule tobacco, just like the Mevius option, a classic beginner tobacco !

Speaking of Winston, it has a stylish logo and a large amount of merchandise available, so it is a cigarette with brand value, making it a sweet cigarette recommended for fashionable people.

>>Rich flavor! Recommended nicotine vape for those who like sweet things

Top 5 Sweet Cigarettes (Available at Tobacco Shops) Delicious sweet tobacco ranking

Next, I'd like to introduce some rare tobacco that can only be purchased at a tobacco shop .

If you 'd like to try a sweeter tobacco other than the ones you can buy at convenience stores , be sure to check this out.

①Arch Royal Suite

The first is Ark Royal .

With its bitter chocolate flavor and just the right amount of sweetness , it is the perfect accompaniment to coffee.

The packaging is orange and has an illustration of the captain on it, making it very stylish.

②Garam Surya Mild

The second is Surya Mild from Garam, the brand that produces the world's strongest tar tobacco.

The picture on the packaging is of a tobacco manufacturing factory, which was originally a converted salt manufacturing factory.

When you light it, you can enjoy the pleasant, sweet aroma along with the crackling sound .

This crackling tobacco is a type called kretek cigarettes, and seems to be quite popular in Indonesia. Garam is delicious and makes you look knowledgeable, so I would definitely recommend it to adult men.

③Black Devil Mint Vanilla

The third is Black Devil Mint Vanilla , which is famous for its cute packaging.

Black Devil is famous for its sweet taste . Enjoy the soft smoke with menthol and vanilla !


The fourth one I would like to introduce is BOHEM CIGAR No.6 .

This tobacco, wrapped in the world's most stylish packaging, tastes a bit like the aforementioned PEACE, with a hint of vanilla.

The difference between this and PEACE is that it has a slight taste similar to hand-rolled cigarettes. This is a sweet tobacco recommended for those who want to experience a classic atmosphere .

⑤BOHEM Mojito Double

The fifth one is the mojito double, also from BOHEM .

It literally has a strong minty flavor, just like the cocktail mojito .
All the products in the Boheme series have stylish packaging that draws you in just by looking at them.

It's a menthol product with capsules, so it's definitely a product we would recommend to women as well .

Top 3 Sweet Hand-Rolled Tobaccos (Shag) Delicious sweet tobacco ranking

Next, I would like to introduce you to sweet shag hand-rolled tobacco.

Speaking of hand-rolled cigarettes, they are known for being cost-effective and having a stronger aroma than regular cigarettes.

Many people smoke hand-rolled cigarettes at home, so we hope you will use this article as a reference to start rolling your own cigarettes.

①Ark Royal Pina Colada

First up is the Pina Colada served by Ark Royal .

Originally, Pina Colada was a word that meant a cocktail containing coconut and pineapple.

This tobacco truly gives you a tropical feel.

②Coltz Vanilla

Next up is Colts vanilla .

Vanilla, a classic among Colts, a standard hand-rolled shag tobacco, gives off a sweeter aroma than that of a regular cigarette the moment you take a puff .

This is a highly recommended brand for those who smoke Caster or PEACE.

③Choice Double Apple

The third one is Choice Double Apple !

This apple-flavored shag is rare among tobaccos, but when you smoke it, you can smell the apple aroma that passes through your nose and it gives you the feeling of real fruit .

A recommended way to enjoy it is to smoke Double Apple with a cup of straight tea in one hand. You can fully enjoy the taste of apple tea, so I recommend you try it at least once.

Top 2 sweet e-cigarettes and heated cigarettes Delicious sweet tobacco ranking

Finally, we will introduce one type each of sweet e-cigarettes and heated tobacco.

This article introduces electronic cigarettes, which are currently attracting attention and are known as nicotine vapes, so please take a look.


Among electronic cigarettes, nicotine vapes are known for their strong flavor,
LOSTMARY is currently the most popular product in the United States .

It produces lots of smoke, rich flavor, and is very satisfying, with no lingering odor or tar .

It comes in a wide variety of flavors, you won't get bored, and it's a great way to enjoy a cost-effective smoking experience, so it's recommended. LOSTMARY is not sold in Japan, so it must be ordered from overseas.

>>Check out LOSTMARY, the hot topic in America!

②IQOS TEREA Oasis Pearl

IQOS has the world's top market share for heated tobacco products, and their truly sweet flavor is Telia Oasis Pearl .

It comes with a capsule, which is rare for iQOS, and when you crush it, you're greeted with the flavor of passion fruit .

When smoking, the thing that bothers you is the smell. Many people are looking for sweet tobacco to reduce the smell, so please use the sweet tobaccos introduced in this article as a reference and try exploring new brands.

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