What is LostMary? Explaining the benefits and features of America's No. 1 nicotine vape

What is LostMary? Benefits and Features

Have you heard of the nicotine vape (electronic cigarette) called LostMary?

Lost Mary Lost Mary is a disposable nicotine vape that is popular all over the world , especially among young people .

Recently, it has been searched for more frequently on Google than JUUL or ELFBAR , and is attracting the most attention .

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Reference: Google Trends

In Japan, there are still few places where it can be purchased and it is thought to be relatively unknown.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the appeal, benefits , and how to obtain Lost Mary, which has gained popularity all over the world .

What is Nicotine Vape? LostMary Nicotine Vape

LostMary is a type of nicotine vape. As the name suggests, a nicotine vape is an electronic cigarette that contains nicotine .

The advantages are that " compared to traditional paper cigarettes and iQOS , it is superior in terms of design, practicality, and cost performance ."

The downside is that it is difficult to obtain, but you can easily get it by using a dedicated website. As I will explain later, there are many benefits to using it, such as health and functionality, and it is highly recommended for smokers.

1.What is LostMary?

What is LostMary?

LostMary is a disposable electronic cigarette that fits in one hand. It is activated by sucking on the tip of the device, and you can inhale smoke just like a regular cigarette.

Although it does contain nicotine, it does not contain tar , which has the advantage that it can be smoked easily anywhere.

It comes in a wide variety of flavors. Since its release, it has gained popularity, especially among young people, and has become a hot topic among some VAPE and e-cigarette users in Japan.

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2. Five attractions and benefits of Lost Mary

LostMary (Lost Mary) Merits and Charms
  1. Tar Free
  2. Excellent design
  3. A wide variety of flavors
  4. Easy to carry
  5. Good value for money

Below, we will explain each of the five attractions and benefits in detail.

①No tar

LostMary does not contain tar , a harmful substance contained in cigarettes, which is known to be carcinogenic and harmful to health.

Ingesting tar has many disadvantages in terms of health and beauty, such as blackening the lungs and yellowing the teeth. If you smoke at home, it will also turn the walls yellow, so people who are renting may find it inconvenient to smoke.

LostMary does not contain this harmful tar , so even health-conscious people can smoke it with peace of mind. There is no risk of staining your teeth or walls , so it will be a comfortable companion to your smoking life.

②Excellent design

LostMary Benefits and Features

LostMary has a colorful and stylish design and at first glance it looks nothing like an e-cigarette.

The colour of the bottle changes for each flavour, ranging from vivid, uplifting warm colours to cool colours reminiscent of the beautiful sea.

It looks like it could make a great interior decoration if you had it in your home, and its design is so appealing that you'll want to show it off to others after purchasing it .

3. Rich flavors

LostMary is characterized by its wide variety of flavors, including grape and double apple.

You can enjoy a smoking experience that goes beyond just tobacco or menthol flavors. They are all very easy to smoke and have a strong flavor that lasts long (strong even at the end) .

One of the joys of smoking Lost Mary is that if you purchase several flavors, you can change the flavor you smoke depending on your mood that day.

>> Click here to learn more about the flavors and varieties of LOSTMARY

④Easy to carry LostMary Size

LostMary is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it very convenient to carry around.

In addition, it can be charged with a versatile Type C charger, so you can smoke while charging. Once charged, it has a long battery life, so you can carry it around and use it anywhere.

Another great thing about it is that you don't have to worry about the smell, so you can smoke whenever and wherever you want .

⑤Good cost performance LostMary Benefits and Cost Performance

The most popular type of LostMary, the LostMary MO5000, can be purchased for 5,000 yen and can be used for approximately 5,000 puffs , which is equivalent to 14 to 15 packs of cigarettes .

Currently, a pack of cigarettes costs about 550 yen, so this works out to a savings of about 2,500 to 3,000 yen .

This good cost performance is one of the great attractions of nicotine vapes such as LostMary .

3. Types and prices of LostMary

So far, we have explained the appeal and benefits of LostMary .

The prices of LostMary are as follows:

We will introduce the price and number of flavors available for the Lost Mary MO5000, which can be used approximately 5,000 times.

LostMary Price

Compared to paper cigarettes, you can smoke them more often, so they are very cost-effective . They are also reasonably priced.

4. How to get LostMary in Japan

LostMary MyMoods

LostMary is popular overseas and widely distributed, so you can easily get it if you travel abroad.

However, it is currently not available for sale in Japan, and cannot be purchased at tobacco shops or mass retailers .

The only way to get it in Japan is through a dedicated site that handles personal imports. You can purchase LostMary through the dedicated site , so check it out below.


5.LostMary has many charms and benefits

What is LostMary? Benefits, attractions, and features

We have introduced Lost Mary, an electronic cigarette that contains nicotine.

Although LostMary is not yet well known in Japan, it is popular with many people overseas, especially young people.

Its high design quality, wide variety of flavors, and low health risks are all very attractive . Why not purchase LostMary through a dedicated site and enjoy a wonderful smoking experience?

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