About the EC site operator

ViON Co., Ltd. provides marketing, e-commerce site management and collection support for the vape sales business of My Moods LLC, a US-based company.


ViON Co., Ltd.

"To provide total services such as fundraising and marketing support to help our clients succeed and support their corporate growth and development."

With this mission in mind, we provide business owners with support in applying for subsidies, website creation, and marketing assistance.
We will support all business owners who are serious about growth.


1. Grant application support:

We provide support for business owners in applying for subsidies. We offer one-stop support for various subsidies, such as business restructuring subsidies, manufacturing subsidies, and IT implementation subsidies, from consultations on how to utilize the subsidies, to creating application forms, assistance with the application process, and after-sales support after the application is approved.

2. HP Production:

We also provide website creation services to improve your company's online presence. An effective website is essential to business success, and we provide total support from building to running it.

3. Domestic marketing support:

We provide marketing support in Japan for clients with headquarters in the United States. We support our clients' business expansion by developing and implementing effective marketing and social media strategies specific to the region.

ViON Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of services and expertise in subsidies and marketing to meet the needs of business owners and provide comprehensive support to ensure their business success.

About our efforts

ViON Co., Ltd. encourages telecommuting and flextime systems to improve the quality of life of its employees.

About the Regional Revitalization Project

We are working on field surveys, strategies, and case studies for community development with the aim of revitalizing and revitalizing local communities. We are also conducting subsidy explanation meetings and exchange projects in Aichi Prefecture, and conducting research and studies on Japan Local Government Antenna Shops. In order to realize a vibrant and independent local community, we are also developing a subsidy support project for regional development and revitalization.

CSR and SDGs Activities

Our business focuses on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and aims to realize a sustainable society. As part of this initiative, we have installed water servers to reduce the use of plastic bottles and encourage the use of reusable bottles. We also use LED lighting throughout the company and strive to save electricity by turning off lights when we are away, aiming to achieve both corporate growth and a sustainable society.

Our company is working as an " Adachi SDGs Partner " towards sustainable urban development.

I agree with "My Human Rights Declaration"

We respect the dignity of all people and aim to create a work environment free of discrimination regardless of age, gender, or nationality. We will thoroughly eliminate discrimination and harassment and provide a comfortable workplace where everyone can work. In all aspects of our business activities, we will continually take feasible and effective actions through proactive communication.

I support the Mathematics, Data Science, and AI Education Program

ViON Inc. supports educational programs in mathematics, data science, and AI. We hope that students who study AI will be able to use their knowledge of AI to achieve results in society.

I agree with the consumer self-declaration.

ViON Co., Ltd. supports the "consumer-oriented management" promoted by the Consumer Affairs Agency and has formulated the "Voluntary Declaration of Consumer-Oriented Management." Our management philosophy is to "provide accurate and useful information through the media managed by ViON Co., Ltd., to understand the core of what is truly needed, not just the superficial needs of users, and to lead to effective problem solving." We will focus on building a sustainable society together with our users.

| Top Management Commitment

    • The management team at ViON Corporation always keeps the user's perspective in mind and places great importance on leading the way in thinking and acting.
    • Through continuous communication with our employees, we grow together and provide a clear direction.
    • In the media managed by ViON Inc., we strive to provide users with accurate and valuable information, and we also make an effort to maintain and update it.

| Ensuring corporate governance (compliance with laws and regulations)

    • Compliance is our top priority for the media managed by ViON Inc.
    • We enhance the reliability of the information we provide through expert review.

| Raising employee awareness

    • In order to provide users with easy-to-understand and useful content, our goal is to promote communication among employees and create a work environment where everyone can exchange opinions on an equal footing.

| Enhancement of information provision and two-way information exchange

    • In order to easily receive opinions and requests from users, the media managed by ViON Co., Ltd. has set up an inquiry form and actively engages in communication through social media such as Twitter and Instagram. We will listen seriously to feedback from users and respond appropriately.

About our environmental activities

ViON Co., Ltd., the president of which is a surfer and cares about the ocean, volunteers to pick up trash at Kugenuma Beach every even-numbered month as an environmental protection activity. The purpose of this activity is to contribute to the local community and the natural environment, and it brings together a diverse range of participants, including employees, local residents, and surfers. Trash picked up while walking along the coastline is separated and properly disposed of. This initiative not only raises awareness of how to pass on beautiful beaches to the next generation, but also strengthens community solidarity. ViON Co., Ltd. conveys the importance of environmental conservation through this activity, and by getting more people involved, contributes to creating a sustainable society.

About ViON Inc.

Company Name

ViON Co., Ltd. (Corporate number: 2180001149940 )


1-8-4 Nishihonmachi, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture

Established date



Ryuichi Niwa


MAIL: vcloud.jp@gmail.com, TEL: 090-3252-2803

business hours

Business hours: 10:00-20:00 (excluding weekends and holidays)