How to use LOSTMARY? A complete guide to charging and vaping!

How to smoke and use LOSTMARY

There are probably many beginners out there who are troubled and saying , "I want to try smoking LOSTMARY, but I don't know how to use it or smoke it!"

It's common to not know how to use an e-cigarette when you buy it for the first time.

So, this time I would like to explain in detail how to use LOSTMARY, from how to charge it to how to smoke it .

>>What is LOSTMARY? Benefits and Features

Preparation before smoking LOSTMARY LOSTMARY (Lost Mary) Getting Ready to Smoke

One thing you need to do when smoking LOSTMARY is to charge it.

Below we will explain how to charge LOSTMARY .

How to charge LOSTMARY Charging method

LOSTMARY is equipped with a USB Type-C port for charging . This Type-C has many advantages, including the ability to charge quickly and a reversible design that means it can be plugged in either way.

Therefore, Type-C ports are currently used in a variety of devices, including the iPhone 15 series. (※ LOSTMARY does not include a Type-C charging cable. You can use a Type-C charging cable that you have at home.)

The good news is that LOSTMARY comes charged from the start, so you can use it as soon as it arrives!

When the battery runs out, the light on the LOSTMARY unit will flash. When the light starts flashing, charge it.

LOSTMARY Charging method

The light will turn on while charging . It takes about an hour to charge , so it can be charged quickly.

LOSTMARY is a disposable nicotine vape, so please discard it when you no longer have smoke.

By the way , LOSTMARY can be smoked 5,000 times, which is more cost-effective than paper cigarettes . Furthermore, you only need to charge it about three times between the time you start using it and the time you throw it away, so you don't have to worry about charging it on a regular basis!

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How to smoke LOSTMARY How to smoke and use LOSTMARY

Next, I would like to introduce two ways to smoke LOSTMARY .

The first is the common way of inhaling, which is by inhaling into the lungs .

The second method is the "insertion method" which is recommended for beginners. We will also explain the precautions to take when inhaling, so please refer to it.

1. How to inhale into the lungs

Place your mouth over the intake of the LOSTMARY and seal it with your lips to prevent the smoke from escaping.

Take a light breath through your mouth. As soon as you do , LOSTMARY will automatically start heating up and producing smoke. Take a deep breath and with your mouth closed, push the smoke into your lungs. Exhale deeply or slowly exhale the smoke through your nose or mouth.

This smoking method is recommended for those who want to enjoy the smoke slowly. Also, since it is inhaled in the same way as a paper cigarette, it is a satisfying method for those who are trying to quit smoking . If you are thinking of using LOSTMARY to quit smoking, try this method of inhaling into your lungs.

2. How to suck by putting it in your mouth

Place your mouth over the mouthpiece of the LOSTMARY and seal it with your lips to prevent the smoke from escaping. Take a light breath and slowly fill your mouth with the smoke (do not let it enter your lungs) .

Savor the taste and aroma of the smoke in your mouth and then exhale slowly.

This method of inhalation does not allow the smoke to enter the lungs, so the amount of nicotine consumed is low . Therefore, it is recommended for people who want to enjoy the taste and aroma rather than nicotine .

3. Precautions when smoking

1. Don't suck vigorously

When smoking LOSTMARY , please do not smoke vigorously.

If you inhale too vigorously, LOSTMARY may not be able to produce enough smoke, and the flavor may become weak . Try to inhale as slowly as possible.

2. Reduce the frequency of smoking

To prevent nicotine addiction, control how often you smoke.

We also sell non-nicotine products for those who are concerned about nicotine.

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3. Stay hydrated

After smoking LOSTMARY , your mouth may feel dry.

Stay hydrated to relieve dry mouth.

4. Clean your LOSTMARY

To ensure proper smoke production from your LOSTMARY , please be sure to keep the LOSTMARY intake area clean.

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LOSTMARY may be broken LOSTMARY (Lost Mary) malfunction question

If you think that LOSTMARY may be malfunctioning, please refer to the following.

1. LOSTMARY is leaking

LOSTMARY is a product that heats the liquid inside and inhales the smoke (water vapor) that is produced.

Therefore, if the smoke is not fully sucked in, it may liquefy inside the LOSTMARY . If liquid leaks during suction, wipe it off with tissue paper or a cotton swab.

If your LOSTMARY is leaking even when you are not inhaling it, stop inhaling it immediately and discard it, as the nicotine can become a poison that can cause health problems.

2. LOSTMARY smells burnt

LOSTMARY uses a coil to heat the liquid inside.

The cause of burning may be continuous use of LOSTMARY in a short period of time or a lack of liquid inside . If LOSTMARY smells burnt, please wait as long as possible before using it again .

When the internal liquid runs out and no more smoke comes out, it's time to discard it.

3. LOSTMARY is not working properly

If no smoke is produced when inhaling LOSTMARY , it may be due to insufficient charging, insufficient internal liquid, a short circuit in the wiring or inside the device, overheating or overcooling of the device, or a malfunction caused by dropping it or getting it wet .

First, check that there is nothing wrong with the charging cable. Next, actually charge the device and check that the lamp works properly. As LOSTMARY is a disposable product, we cannot check for internal problems, so please discard it.

Please note that if you drop it or get it wet, it will become unusable. If LOSTMARY gets wet, it may be possible to revive it by sealing it in a zipper bag with desiccant inside and leaving it, although this is not recommended.

4. The LOSTMARY light is flashing

The light on LOSTMARY will turn on while it is charging . If the light is on but you are unable to charge, please check "3. LOSTMARY is not working properly."

Also, if the battery runs out, the light will flash, so please charge it . If you cannot charge it, please check "3. LOSTMARY does not work properly."

5.Returns and Refunds

You can cancel your order before it is shipped. We will refund the full amount, so please feel free to contact us. For inquiries, please contact us via our official LINE (QR code below).

Please note that we do not accept returns after shipment, as this is a personal import.

Summary of how to use LOSTMARY LOSTMARY MyMoods

LOSTMARY is a nicotine vape that is easy to charge and easy to use even for beginners. There are many different flavors, so why not try out different flavors of LOSTMARY?

If you would like to know more about the taste and reviews of LOSTMARY , please read this article.

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