Is it true that vaping and shisha can cause fluid to build up in your lungs? A thorough investigation into whether it's scientifically safe!

Vaping causes fluid in the lungs

Have you ever heard any rumours about vaping or shisha that are bothering you?

"If I vape or smoke shisha too much, will fluid build up in my lungs?"

"Is the risk ok?"

If you have any concerns or questions, please refer to this article . In conclusion, it is almost impossible for vaping or shisha to cause fluid to accumulate in the lungs.

Please see below for a detailed explanation.

Does vaping or shisha actually cause fluid to build up in the lungs? Vaping causes fluid in the lungs

As mentioned above, it is highly unlikely that vaping or smoking shisha will cause water to accumulate in your lungs.

I think many people are worried that if they take too much water vapor into their lungs, water will build up inside them, so I will explain the ingredients in vapes, the structure of the lungs, and give some specific examples to show that water does not build up in the lungs.

Vape ingredients

First, let's talk about the ingredients in vapes.

In fact, the steam that comes out of a vape is not evaporated water, but vaporized glycerin and propylene glycol .

These are safe ingredients that are also used in food, so please rest assured.

Lung structure

Next, let's look at the structure of the lungs. A large number of capillaries are spread throughout the lungs.

Basically, the vapor that enters the lungs is either absorbed into the capillaries and enters the body, or exhaled .

Therefore, vaping rarely causes fluid to accumulate in the lungs. If you look at examples of pulmonary edema , which is when fluid accumulates in the lungs, you will feel reassured.

Concrete example

Even after looking at the information above, you may still be thinking, "But I still feel uneasy."

So, I would like to help you understand by looking at some easy-to-understand examples.

  1. Inhale a lot of steam while taking a bath.
  2. In otolaryngology, a nebulizer is used in the throat and nose.
  3. The air contains moisture, but we breathe 365 days a year.

In all cases, you are inhaling water vapor, but that is not a problem.

Therefore, it is unlikely that vaping will cause water to accumulate in the lungs .

Is vaping harmful? Check out the reported cases! Vaping causes fluid in the lungs

Now we know that vaping doesn't cause fluid to accumulate in the lungs, but does that mean vaping is harmless to the body?

I will explain by citing actual examples.

Acute lung disease from e-cigarettes?

The most famous one is EVAIL . Vaping is thought to be one of the causes of EVAIL.

EVAIL is a type of lung injury that causes symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, and vomiting .

The exact cause of EVAIL is unclear, but the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC ) has noted that it may be linked to the use of certain vaping products, particularly those containing THC or vitamin E acetate .

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Vaping causes fluid to build up in the lungs | How to deal with vaping

Although there are cases like the one above, not all vapes, shisha, and e-cigarettes are dangerous; those that contain narcotic ingredients are said to be particularly dangerous .

As for how to use a vape, of course you should be careful not to inhale too much. Eating too much fast food or drinking too much carbonated drinks is also not good for your health.

Therefore, with vaping, it is important to avoid smoking too much in a short period of time and to avoid using dangerous products .

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