How to use ELFBAR correctly | A thorough explanation of how to smoke and charge it

How to use ELFBAR

ELFBAR is a popular electronic cigarette that has built up a huge market share in the United States, second only to JUUL .

In this article, we will thoroughly explain how to use ELFBAR, how to smoke it, and how to charge it !

What kind of e-cigarette is ELFBAR? What is ELFBAR?

ELFBAR is a manufacturer of nicotine-containing VAPE that has been selling the product since 2018. Its electronic cigarette products are characterized by a wide variety of flavors and pop, colorful designs .

It's palm-sized and easy to carry, and provides a satisfying smoking experience that will satisfy both e-cigarette users, from beginners to advanced users.

Furthermore, it does not produce any harmful substances (such as tar) other than nicotine that are produced when burning cigarettes, making it an ideal product for quitting or reducing smoking.

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Explaining how to use ELFBAR How to use ELFBAR

ELFBAR is extremely popular across the United States and is a very easy-to-use product .

Basically, the usage of disposable and cartridge type products is the same, so in this article we will explain the disposable type products.

1. Opening the package

First, open the box of the product you received, open the package and remove the ELFBAR.

When doing so, please remove the semi-transparent cap that is inserted into the mouthpiece .

Some devices may have a transparent film attached to the underside , so please remove it before use.

It arrives already charged, so you can use it immediately after opening the package.

2. Smoke inhalation How to use ELFBAR

After removing the product , place it in your mouth and suck slowly .

There is no need to press any buttons. ELFBAR is a draw-activated device, so when you inhale, the device automatically activates, making it easy to inhale.

Then, inhale the desired amount of smoke, then exhale slowly. Smoke will come out of your mouth. If you are a beginner to smoking, you may choke if you inhale too much, so please try using it carefully at first .

Tips on how to smoke ELFBAR How to use ELFBAR

As mentioned above, ELFBAR is very easy to smoke, but at first, you may choke on the smoke .

Also, because it is a nicotine product, those who are not used to it may experience a dizzy feeling in the head (commonly known as nicotine cravings).

Therefore, we recommend that first-time users pay attention to their physical condition and smoke slowly .

How to charge ELFBAR with pictures How to use ELFBAR

ELFBAR comes in disposable and cartridge types, but both are rechargeable.

If the battery runs out, no smoke will come out when you inhale and the light on the ELFBAR will flash three times, indicating that it is time to charge it .

To charge, there is a Type-C charging port on the bottom of the device, so you can insert the cable there and charge . The light will go out when charging is complete.

When I actually charged it and used it, it took about an hour to charge and I could inhale about 1200 times on one charge . Therefore, in the case of the ELFBAR BC5000, it will last about 3 to 4 charges.

Therefore, if your device stops working, simply purchase a new ELFBAR.

Questions about charging and malfunction of ELFBAR

Below we will answer three frequently asked questions regarding ELFBAR charging and malfunctions .

If you suspect that your device may be broken, please refer to this article.

If the inside of the VAPE is dirty

Dirt and debris buildup inside the device can cause it to stop charging .

It is recommended that you regularly clean any dust from the suction nozzle or dirt that has moved inside the device.

It may be convenient to clean it using a cotton swab or paper tube.

If you run out of liquid

One of the reasons why you may not be able to charge your device is that the built-in liquid has run out .

Normally, smoke is produced by heating the coil and burning the liquid, but if the vape pen is empty, it may have a burnt smell.

If it is a disposable type, you will not be able to refill the liquid, so you will need to purchase a new device .

If the power supply or charger is not working

If it is not dirty, it may be that the power supply is not working properly or the charging cable is in the wrong input .

If so, try plugging it into a different outlet and replacing the charging cable.

How to purchase ELFBAR How to use ELFBAR

There are two ways to purchase ELFBAR.

To obtain nicotine VAPE products such as ELFBAR, you can either purchase them overseas and bring them into Japan , or import them personally through an online shopping site .

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ELFBAR is easy to charge and use How to use ELFBAR

ELFBAR is a popular product used by many young people in the United States because it is very easy to use and can be recharged and used multiple times.

In addition, since it does not contain harmful substances such as carbon monoxide or tar, it can be used more safely than paper cigarettes .

Why not take this opportunity to try out ELFBAR?

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