The FDA has filed huge civil penalties against 20 retailers who sold nicotine vape penalties for Elf Bar (EB Design).

On November 2, 2023, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced that it would seek civil penalties (CMPs) of up to $19,192 (approximately 2.74 million yen) against 20 retailers ( two nicotine vape specialty stores and 18 other stores) in 10 states in the United States for continuing to sell Elf Bars despite warnings.

The retailer then has the option to either pay the civil penalty, settle with the FDA, or postpone action. If the retailer does not respond within 30 days, they may be forced to pay the civil penalty.

In addition to this latest regulation, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has imposed several other restrictions on Elf Bar (EB Design).

While the FDA continues to regulate Elf Bar (EB Design) , Brian Bryan, FDA's director of tobacco products, explained that "in order to protect the health of young people, we have no intention of weakening regulations on nicotine vapes or cigarettes . "

So why does the FDA continue to regulate Elf Bar (EB Design) ? It is because Elf Bar (EB Design) is very popular among young people, and anti-tobacco groups (consisting of tobacco control groups, US Democratic politicians, tobacco companies, etc.) have taken notice and are pressuring the FDA to regulate it .


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