In the UK, free support for quitting smoking is provided, and nicotine vapes are also used to help people quit smoking.

In the UK, various regions (e.g. Wales , Scotland , Northern Ireland ) offer free smoking cessation support programmes .

The program was devised in collaboration between smoking cessation experts and people who have successfully quit smoking, and involves smoking cessation advisors providing people who are trying to quit smoking with smoking cessation medication and advice (which can also be provided over the phone or video call).

This advice not only includes messages of support, but also explanations of how to quit smoking using nicotine vapes and smoking cessation medications, so that each individual can receive the best possible support for quitting smoking .

In addition, smoking cessation advisors can use carbon monoxide monitors to measure the carbon monoxide concentration in the body. This allows people who are trying to quit smoking to visually confirm the process of their own body's carbon monoxide concentration decreasing, which also increases their motivation to quit smoking. (Normally, carbon monoxide concentrations will be the same as those of non-smokers 48 hours after starting to quit smoking.)

This program begins several weeks before the day you actually start quitting smoking, and is conducted once a week for four weeks after you start quitting smoking. Research has shown that people who can stay abstinent for 28 days are more likely to be able to quit smoking for the rest of their lives, so the length of this program is appropriate.

It is generally believed that with professional support, the success rate of quitting smoking increases threefold. Also, two-thirds of e-cigarette users have successfully quit smoking. For more information on why nicotine vaping can help you quit smoking, please see the article " Can nicotine vaping help you quit smoking ?"

By the way, the British government has announced the "Swap to Stop" plan (a plan by the British government to provide smokers with e-cigarettes instead of harmful paper cigarettes) in 2023. Also, in the United States, the number of people who have stopped smoking paper cigarettes and are smoking e-cigarettes is increasing.

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